my #ThePeriodParty experiences

Hey followers. I’m kinda cryin’ in pain now. I’m just gonna scrap my hiatus mission, cause, yay, I’m glad to tell you, IT’S SUMMER VACAY! Not gonna start posting in April like I thought.

As I said, I’m in pain, and you can guess why. I’m going through my second period. It hurts AF and after every sentence there’s a groan coming. I was around the last peeps to get it in my grade, so yeah…

Astrid of HideawayGirl said: Ash began a blogging tag where bloggers (like you and me) write about their period experiences to motivate people to start talking about periods and I’m very happy to write about it. Come and read it, even if you’re a guy or you haven’t started it yet (let’s educate all!).

I wouldn’t even thought of posting about such a taboo topic until I read a post by Ash. It is very inspiring and changes a lot of perceptions that I had about menstruation. It’s also damn sad that many girls can’t get tampons or even the basic sanitary requirements needed to cover up what happens to most girls.


One of my first few posts on Twitter was about this topic; RT-ing what Ash had started. She also talks about Amika George who had done a TedTalk on this topic. Amika George is an 18-year-old who is looking to rid Period Poverty. I provide the social media accounts of Amika and Ash.

Also, why is menstruation-related topics taboo? Why can’t we voice out our opinion? We’re girls, for cryin’ out loud, and this is gonna happen EVERY MONTH! We have to voice out our problems, opinions, QUESTIONS! We have gotta change stereotypes. Heck, we have to change other peeps!

And if you are in the LGBTQ+ community, voice it out! Trust me, peeps in the blogging land are damn friendlier than just as the “Internet”. I mean, let’s share these experiences using #ThePeriodParty and pingback this post. Let’s make a change and impact everyone we can.

Believe me, no one can break the powers of combined girl boss.






Ash’s Twitter

Ash’s Instagram

Amika’s Twitter

Amika’s official website (with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram links provided)


6 thoughts on “my #ThePeriodParty experiences

  1. Ahh! Neat post!! I’m in pain right now and I’m sure you could guess why 😂 I got mine at 11 but I still hate it like I just got it…

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