#HowAreYou? get involved!

A very meaningful tag started by Gracie (I first wrote Julia by mistake). It’s what we ask normally, but it’s just out of politeness, but mostly out of habit. And our answers are practically always “fine”, no matter what we’re feeling.

Even when we know that all we need is someone to talk to.

A Light In The Darkness

How are you? 

Simple question, right? One you’ll hear pretty much everyday, probably several times. I’m sure you’ll have your automatic answer all lined up.  Something along the lines of ‘Fine, thanks’ or ‘I’m okay’ or ‘Good’ or whatever. You say it without even thinking.

What happens if you do think about it though? What happens if you pause before you answer and ask yourself how you really are? Would your answer be different?

So I’m asking you – how are you? 

Be creative, be thoughtful, but most importantly, be honest.

Now, if you think this is great, please get involved by either sharing this post or writing your own, spread this around the blogosphere, encourage people to be open and honest, show people how to care about each other! We can do this, guys!

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8 thoughts on “#HowAreYou? get involved!

  1. I like how the first time I saw the front page I also saw attitude which is definitely a good thing. When I read the blog titles there’s this high-pitched voice in my head reading it for me it’s cute.

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