glimmer // daily prompt

She looked with red, bleary eyes at the sight she’d not seen in over twenty years. The sand swirled around him and for good reason too – it was a inhabitable desert that she was in, along with. She didn’t recall the last things she had spoken to him; but she knew it wasn’t good. A day later, he jumped from his first flight to Russia and died. Could one die of regret? Apparently so. She walked to him, with a watery smile on her face and he followed suit. Rubbing the tears from her eyes…

He was gone.

She stared at the sandy silhouette of a man she indirectly killed, yet loved. Her legs buckled and she cried to herself. The tears were just a mirage.

And that was just a glimmer for a life that could have continued with pure love.


via Daily Prompt: Glimmer

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