3 days 3 quotes {day 3}

Hola! I’m back and I’m kinda feeling mixed, because today is the last day of a challenge called 3 Days 3 Quotes, and I’m tryna do this super quick, so let’s begin!


AKA keep calm and #girlboss on. Yasss! See, the gist of it is, to be yourself and not change any bit of youse just to impress anybody. With that empowering thought, I bid you adieu, peeps.


With love

Ally xx

(yeah, it’s an edit afterwards 😉 )

11 thoughts on “3 days 3 quotes {day 3}

      1. We have 3 conversation threads: one’s Cute But Awkw(e)rd, another’s Guest Post + Testimonial and the third is From Design Pique Studios. Which one did you reply to? Because the last mail from you is like three days ago…

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      2. I was talking about the one I sent 3 days ago on the Cute But Awkw(e)rd thread! 😛 I didn’t get a reply so I thought it didn’t get through… Never mind if you saw it, though!
        Can you tell me what we have left to complete?

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      3. Headers of the various stuff on my sidebar. I’d like a different theme for my blog tho, one with a pink color, one that’s picture-friendly and with good fonts!

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