from the pen of a little christian {guest post by ally}

My guest post on the YFLC blog, about faith, about teenage wrecks like I was, and my wonderful grandfather.

Young Ladies for Christ

lil chris

I have been going to church for a very long time. It wasn’t, at first, that I pleaded to, but it was a matter of routine – this happened every Sunday.

I didn’t pray regularly, yet I would demurely sit up and clasp my hands together every time I heard the words, “Our Father Who art in Heaven…”.

Prayer has influenced various parts and generations of my family; my maternal side believes in saints and religious politics and reading of the Bible. My paternal side had very instinctive beliefs when it came to prayer and they involved themselves in the habit of daily Bible reading and long prayers.

But it wasn’t until tragedy struck that I started the journey of Christianity.

Three years ago, my grandfather acquired jaundice and that turned out to be a cancerous tumor. During these times, my grandfather had close priests and steadfast Christians visit him…

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20 thoughts on “from the pen of a little christian {guest post by ally}

  1. I love this post. Sometimes the worst things have to happen before we are able to find the light. Sorry about the loss of your grandfather though😢❤😊

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