periods in paradise

I went on a trip to India recently and I’m still pretty jet-lagged, but I’m doin’ this for the love of blogging 🙂 This is a post about when I got my periods (and here’s pingbacks on my other period posts to show that I DON’T CONFORM!) and got to laugh about later (though I still have it 😦 )

Madras, India is a beautiful place. But coming from a place where the highest 72°F (approximately 16°C) to one where 90°F is a respite from the heat, and adding the time-change too, I mean, what can I say? Mental, much, Ally? Luckily my jet lag gets over in a day 🙂

I was going in a plane with my cousins Cole (11), Nicole (9, turning 10 this year), my sister Emily (11, turning 12 this year) and my mom’s cousin Bernard. Cole’s and Nicole’s school closed a tad early, so it coincides with the day of flying. Our cousin Amanda would be there in Madras at her summer house and we were going to meet here (a word about Amanda: she’s nuts. But really sweet.) Amanda was Bernard’s sister’s daughter.

I took a lot of shorts and jumpsuits to wear. My favorite outfit of all was a sleeveless denim jacket that I wore over a white vest, paired with black leggings and my denim slippers. #OOTD

I had prayed a ton that I won’t get my periods that month. Our departure from L.A. date was two days past 30 days and I still hadn’t gotten it. Yay! 🙂

Lemme just say this, Amanda’s folks are grand. Their dining room has the hugest cupboard filled with delicate crockery and fancy cutlery. Each chair has a floral pattern on the woodwork. The floor is comprised of an aquarium and they have a lot of goldfish in it. They literally have a dance room in the house. And the best part? You might think we’re in L.A. the whole time for all those ACs in the house blasting at 60°F!

They have a very curved pool – two half-circles and a connecting apple-cored shaped pool. The kiddie pool’s just a regular circle (but it was up to ma hips!)

The five of us jumped in the pool almost everyday. The first day was hilarious. Amanda took us on a tour of the house and we reached the pool where Cole stepped on a platform in the kiddie pool. We pretended to push him, while sharing new puns. He’s about 4’5″ so the water reached halfway to his knees. He swung his leg and fell right in the kiddie pool, drenching himself from the torso and below. Amanda, who was lying right beside the pool, in a very ANTM way, lost all supermodel sense and literally ROFL right into the pool! Ironically, seeing Amanda, Cole ROFL’d into the pool too!

Emily and I looked at the fuss in the pool, shrugged and jumped in, followed by Nicole. It was awesome. Amanda, Cole, Emily and I went to change into swimsuits, while Nicole stayed back and played on my iPad.

Two days later, during a swim, we were chilling on the platform when I went to get Emily’s swimming goggles. I went to the bathroom , stripped off my one-piece and yes, I’d gotten it. (Sidenote: did that stop me from swimming that day? Oh, hell no!)

The next day, while I was changing my tampon (yes, I said it. Have a problem? Tell me here.), Cole banged on the door. “Come on, Ally! I just came from a swim!”

Oh Lord. Cole’s a guy. He DK ’bout all this. Okay, okay, what do I do, what do I do? Umm…

“ALLY!” It was Nicole. “Come on out, let’s play Dentistmania on the iPad!” *shrugs* Kids, amirite? KID, I’M DOIN’ SOME CRAP HERE!

“Hey, Ally?” OMG, Amanda? WHY ARE Y’ALL DOING THIS TO ME?! “Can I borrow your book?” Luckily, Emily, who knew about this, dispersed everyone and made them do their stuff elsewhere. ❤ Hearts to you, Em! ❤

So, that was my trip. Now I’m back and I hope you hearted this post 🙂

Ally x





9 thoughts on “periods in paradise

  1. Very true😁😁 Periods are anyways harsh and top of that during the vacation it’s just annoying!!…
    Madras huh? It should be burning hot there at this time of the year!!😅

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  2. Haha, this was a great post!
    Wow, you were in India? That’s so cool, I live in India. 😀 Not in Madras though, but I’ve been there. Scorching place, honestly.

    Liked by 1 person

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