the sisterhood tag

YOLO, amigos! This is yet another award/tag and I was nominated by the fabulous Cee. For all you mood-swingy peeps (including moi 😉 ) who need some girl boss in their life, go check out her blog!

The Rules

  • You must have the same featured image as what I have, the font, size and color of the title be of your choice
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link this original post
  • Answer the following scenarios
  • Nominate a minimum of at least 3 bloggers
  • Give at least 5 scenarios of your own
  • Answer everything as best as you can!

Cee’s Cee-Narios (get it?)

You are casually just sitting in a park eating some yogurt when a 9-year-old kid approaches you and asks to be your apprentice. She seems so willing to learn all that you know- your favorites hobbies, goals in life. What’s the first thing you’ll teach her?

To be herself. If she wants to learn everything I know, it’s possible she’ll be my mini clone and I don’t want that. I’ll tell her that she’s the most amazing person and that she should believe in herself and her dreams.

It’s recess time in school and you’re busy reviewing for the test to be conducted during the next period. The person you hate suddenly greets you and asks if she could borrow the homework you did for 3 hours last night. Do you lend it to her?

Yeah, of course…NOT! Like, OMG, what am I, spineless? 😉  JK  I wouldn’t give it to her, but I’ll explain it to her very nicely.

Let’s go with the classic. You’re looking for something very important in the attic. You find a dirty gold oil lamp. You decided to clean it with a cloth and a genie suddenly appears, offering you three wishes. What would the three wishes be?

Good grades, an iPhone X and health and love to my loved ones.

Your scientist cousin asked for your help with the time machine he was working on for his science project. He then tells you that you’re going to be the test subject and that you’re going to have to choose where you want to be transported to. Which one would you choose, the past or the future?

The past. I’d like to ‘awwww!’ at my baby self

You’re in the mall when you encounter a group of girls from the same school/workplace as you. You hear them talking about your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend and her negative attributes. Would you join in?

Nope. The end.

Ma Nominees



Ragazza Triste

Scenarios by Ally

  1. You are at a cafe with your friend when you see your lifelong enemy coming at you. She hears you whining about not being able to buy a mocha, then she buys one for you. Do you take it? Why or why not?
  2. You have a diary that you’ve kept your whole life. Now, your close friend threatens to break your friendship unless you show her. Now, this diary has a lot of unpleasant stuff about her, especially during your rare fights. What do you do?
  3. Your friend came over to your house and the two of you do a lot of Musical.lys on her phone. For your birthday, though, she posted the weirdest one of you on Instagram, but with a sweet caption, and it’s garnered a lot of mixed comments. What’s your reaction?
  4. You posted a really exciting post on your blog, telling that you’ve got *insert number* followers. However, another blogger accuses you of bragging, badmouths you to a lot of people and even writes a critical post about it. What do you tell that blogger?
  5. You get a new boyfriend and he really likes everything about you, except the part where you continuously *insert your hobby*. You like him a lot, but you can’t live without *same hobby*. Tell him what you feel.

It was super fun doing this, Cee! Thanks again!


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