feminism. empowerment. for everybody.

Oh. My. God. Sexism is something that I am FRICKIN’ feeling like using the Infinity Gauntlet against right now and forever. Great that you brought this to our attention. Maryam! ❤ ❤ ❤


The greatest lesson a woman should learn:Bouquet_02

‘I’d tap that white ass.’

There’s this boy in my grade who has become quite notorious, or at least in my eyes, for his digusting, objectifying comments about women, about girls. He’s in my maths class, so I end up hearing a lot of what he has to say. He has a friend who thinks it’s funny to make rude motions behind the the teachers’ back. He must admire him, because he started doing it too.

I was in line one day last week, waiting to go to my english class. He was behind me, a tall, looming, big, maori boy. Not that I really cared. I was having a conversation with a good male friend when he suddenly stopped talking, and laughed. Some sort of disbelief mixed with genuine laughter. “Do you know what so and so is doing behind you?” I turn around. He’s just standing there. I…

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3 thoughts on “feminism. empowerment. for everybody.

  1. Ugh. This has to stop, you know. Women should never be harassed and objectified. We should all address this issue, this should be dealt with. Very powerful post, Ally. I am with you on this.

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