father’s day// a prayer

Dear Lord,

Today is Father’s Day. It’s a day to remember the specialness of the man who has sacrificed a lot in order to help us. My father. He’s an amazing person and I thank you for sending him to me. I love you, Papa.

Throughout my entire almost-fourteen years, you have helped him guide me and Emily, cherish my mom for the wonderfulness she is and take him through the tough times. Even though he doesn’t have someone to show him what to do anymore, I pray that he’s able to become just like his own father.

Father’s Day, Lord, is actually quite needed. Though people will say,  we don’t need a special day for our fathers when they’re always respected, at times we are bad enough to forget that. I’m sorry if I hurt him in anyway, and I do promise to be better.

At this poignant time, I also pray for those without fathers like Starr and Evie Clair. They must feel ever so lonely, but they’re loved and their fathers are at their happiest place.

And I conclude right now, wishing all the fathers out there a happy Daddies’ Day.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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