inhale. exhale.

In all of our super busy lives, we always have time for another selfie to post as our story (that don’t come out good? Delete and repeat), always have time to search for that relatable tweet to post and always have time to say, “Not now, *insert close relative/friend name* I’m super busy.” And then (and this is a bit sadder) we always have time to spend the night crying over what we haven’t done. Repeat that 365 times and I think I have nailed at least 30% of my followers’ year.

Let’s try something new.

Take a deep breath. Think of the worst stuff, all the memories that hurt, what makes you cry; all icky stuff, so to speak. Done? Now breathe out. Let out all the pain and hurt go with the flow, right out of your system. Breathe in again. Nothing but life-giving oxygen enters into your mind, so your mind is basically blank now. Exhale. Now your mind is blank. *cue white noise*

Inhale and think of all the good stuff, that new makeup kit you got, your baby’s first word when your company became #7835 instead of #8000 YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, not others, that long-lost friend you bumped into, a new car. Thought of it all? Now imagine yourself closing the door on that before you let out breath. Exhale now. Think of yourself sticking a post-it on that door, on it written:

Nothing but this matters. Don't you forget that.

And now, you go outside, giving people zero crap and doing something you loved and started to love what you do. Because that post-it is forever reminding you that you’re blessed and can always feel happy. And at the end of the day, you should remember what I’m about to tell you:

you matter.


How did this post make you feel?

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3 thoughts on “inhale. exhale.

  1. Okay, I’ve read, watched, and listened to TONS of guided meditations at this point. But that closing-the-door part? Brilliant 👌 11/10 would try that

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