sunday scriptures

Originally posted on Pointe to Christ Prayer

So, what I want to say is about one class of my Sunday School. The teacher explained something so wonderfully, I just had to share it.

You know, children, she said, all of us were born sinful. All of us babies, whose maybe only sin was driving our parents insane with our cries, were born sinful. But it was a short period of sin, up till our baptism.

Just as our parents pass on genes and features down by generation, when Adam and Eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, their sinful nature has been passed down.b Imagine that. BC and AD time periods didn’t even exist then, yet, sin prevailed!

But the greatest thing is that Jesus died for our sins.  He actually took on the physical burden by unbelievers and atheists, and suffered all the sin of all Christians in the generations past and those to come.

How great thou Art!

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