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As you all know, the FIFA World Cup 2018 just got over and the team I was supporting since Argentina, Germany, Spain, England and Portugal got out AKA France won! Yay, I am ever so happy! And in case you are some sort of weird freak who DIDN’T watch the matches (unless you had exams, then I apologize and RIP to your sanity), I’m gonna tell you about each team and my personal opinion. (Sidenote: I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy teenage girl, so please don’t take it to heart if I don’t like your favorite team!) (Sidenote again: I just saw that there were 32 teams for this, so…I’LL JUST DO SIX, YEAH?!)


Of course, they’re the first, they had to host this! Russia played exceptionally well, setting the bar with their first game, defeating Saudi Arabia 5-0. In their second match, they blasted Egypt with a score of 3-1. Then out of nowhere, Uruguay took them head on and walked out winners against Russia with a score of 3-0. They came back beautifully though, drawing with Spain and having my whole family biting their fingernails our spaghetti and meatballs. My mom and I were supporting Spain, my dad and Em were with Russia. In the end, I owed Emily a KitKat since Russia won in penalties 3-4.


It was either Brazil or Argentina in my apartment. They drew with Switzerland 1-1 and then, defeated Costa Rica 2-0. We watched all the matches in the public home theater and all the ‘Brazilians’ screamed themselves hoarse. Trust me, you never saw so much traffic in Dr. Mr. Leroy’s house any other day. They even defeated Serbia AND Mexico with the same score. They lost, though, to Belgium, shooting a goal only once compared to their two, eliminating themselves and all the Brazilians, most of whom joined my Frenchiness.


Lemme just say, CONGRATULATIONS FRANCE! I knew you had it in you peeps! Mbappé, my man, you are just pure freakin’ genius and I just wanna hug you for one of the four goals🥅 that let you guys win the cup! *calm breathing* Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, sure. France started their journey by defeating Australia (2-1) and Peru (1-0). Their next match was kinda bittersweet, when they defeated my peeps Argentina 4-3, but Ally moved on. They then defeated Uruguay 2-0, Belgium 1-0 and finally, the match y’all watched, them defeating Croatia 4-2👑


Croatia came as the runner-ups, losing the final match to France. Popularity-wise, nobody thought this team would overtake the top-ones, but they did. They got Nigeria 2-0, defeated Argentina 😦 3-0, Iceland 2-1 and Denmark in penalties (3-2). When it was clear that they were a force to reckon with, it was noted that they hadn’t lost a single match so far. They became stronger and better with their victories of Russia (penalties:4-3) and surprised the world (or at least me) when they took out England in the semi-finals with 2-1. The only match they lost was the finals, yet they had a pretty good run.


The team I supported from the start (until they lost😢) did not have a good year. Tying with Iceland 1-1 and then losing to Croatia 3-0, they had hope when they defeated Nigeria 2-1. Alas, they lost to France 4-3 and got out of the tournament. I actually can’t believe their paragraph (and their game) is so short.


England had a nice run. Their first game, they came out winners against Tunisia 2-1. They literally shot Panama with a grand score of 6-1. They lost to Belgium 0-1, but reclaimed themselves, winning the match against Columbia in penalties 4-3 and Sweden 2-0. Their journey abruptly ended when Croatia bumped right past them 2-1 to the finals and earned fourth place when they lost with Belgium with a score of 2-0.

How did you enjoy the tournament? Who were you supporting? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “world cup 2018

  1. You didn’t write about Nigeria, I’m so hurt and I’m crying now😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Just kidding☺
    I supported France too(that is after my country lost). I always knew that they were going to win and they did💃💃

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  2. Hey!! I was supporting Russia and, surprisingly, they’ve played exceptionally well. To be completely honest, my whole life I knew Russia as a country that sucks at football (even though it’s my country of birth). But they did a very good job this time! In the final thought, I was personally supporting Croatia simply because they’ve never won the World Cup and finally got to the final!!

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  3. I did support England based on the fact that I live in England 😂 I had a lot of hope since they hadn’t come that far in so long! Fingers crossed for 2022! 🤞🏽😂

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