the social media blog tag // nomination the second

I was nominated for the Social Media Blog Tag again actually, for the first time since I wasn’t nominated when I did it first :/ hmm… Anyway, I was nominated for this by my new bestie AKA Mary from OMG Ryry. You guys should seriously visit this gal because she is like so relatable and has a really cute blog design. The blog’s like McDonald’s, cause I’m lovin’ it! 💗💗

I’m really excited to do this tag again cause I’ve met so many new up-and-coming bloggers that I’m really eager to feature, so let’s get right to it then!

Instagram – a blog with a design you love

The Weekly Adventurer by Sydney has a really amazing blog. She even has her own design blog and it makes the darnedest bomb blogs; you should really check it out here. She just turned one (her blog, not her, I mean) and hosted this giveaway that’s still on! Plus, Syd is this really beautiful and friendly blogger who you don’t even have to follow to love her😘😘

Facebook – a blog with a friendly blogger

Light in the Darkness by Gracie is a blogger who I’ve known and loved for the longest time and I definitely need to tag her for all the lovely comments and likes she’s given me when I started out. She is this amazing person and really sweet girl and I reccommend you all to go give her some love💝💝

Twitter – a blogger who could write 140 characters and you would still love them

Ana Regina of Diversion 3000 *obviously* she is the definition of random aka if you go right now and check your dictionary, her pic’s gonna come up (okay, it won’t, but you get my point). I actually follow her on Twitter and she follows me back. She has the relatable and funny tweets, it’s actually sweet.

YouTube – a blog which keeps you entertained

Purely Olivia by Olivia. She is this blogger with a really pretty blog, personality and hair xD. She writes her post based on stuff that we should know; and a lot of her posts help the blogosphere immensely. The comments that she gets let you know that she has a strong squad behind her. She’s been here two years, but she’s super humble and doesn’t let her many achievements go to her head. All my love, girl💖💖

Snapchat – a blogger whose updates you can’t wait for

Ash of Call Me Ash is the first blogger I followed when I started blogging. She is this kinda quirky, whimsical blogger and I really heart her blog. She took a hiatus but she came back (yasss!) and I check her blog, like, everyday, for her next amazing blog post.

Tumblr – a blog which is diverse and has a variety

Bayance of Bayance (haha that sounds very funny😂😂), where you at, girl? This blogger is one of the most chirpy and funny blogger of the century IMO. For example, her consistent way of starting EVERY post with her catchphrase “Hey girl hey. And boy.” #RANDOMRANTSALERT

Pinterest – a blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

Ally of Girl Illustrated is my last nominee. She posts almost everyday and they’re such nice posts like her Sketch(es) of the Week and her little anecdotes about life *wipes off a tear*. She’s also really passionate about change like for the education system and brings up really good points!


(sidenote: here I’d just like to share the views of Ally regarding the recent floods that happened in Kerala, India. Those people are going through the worst floods ever and as human beings, we should help. Donate here at the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. Please do. They need it.)


Screenshot (218)








18 thoughts on “the social media blog tag // nomination the second

  1. Hi Ally!
    I’m just curious, You changed your site adress, didn’t you lost some followers after?
    ’cause something happened with my blog, I also chnaged my site adress, but what happened next, I lost my 492 followers. I was so disappointed 😞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 492 followers gone?! oh wow 😦 that sucks, I’m sorry :3 but no, i didn’t lose followers. this is my second address change and that didn’t happen to me tho :/


      1. eeesh! okay, idk why, but followers don’t matter (much). you write good and that’s enough✌✌


  2. Heyy, thank you so much for this – you’re so sweet!!! The others bloggers sound amazing and I’ll defo be checking them out! AND YES, publicity for the situation in Kerala is so important! X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ALLY.💓Your kind words mean the world to me, and this truly made my entire week! Thank you a thousand times, I’ve seen this tag around and I really need to do it soon because it spreads such positive vibes in the blogosphere.☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely post, Ally! 😊 Aaah thank you for your nice words 🙂 I love these bloggers as well! And I found a few that i really need to check out!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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