one year ago.

so hey guys. im one. okay, im obv older than one…my blog is one. if i sound down, im sorry. im changing bc life wanted me to. my writing is all lower caps, as u see in my twitter bc thats how i write now. my blogging life has changed…well, disappeared entirely and ik thats pretty rude of me to ditch u lovelies – when u helped me out of my shit life into an okay one, ig.

tweet by allyson mentarye on her first blogiversary

i also got 200 follows. these things are not appreciated, they are blessed w more love than ever. for all the ppl who love my inconsistent, procrastinating, moody self, ily more than words can ever show.

im also into sophomore year (look here for the messed up dates) n im so thankful to my savior Jesus Christ.

u guys mean more to me than anything (except waffles 😉 ) but ur getting neck-in-neck tho ❤ n i now can call y’all my baes.

and for that i say,

thank u, next

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