i’m back, for good // truth

hey, blogosphere, what’s up? i’ve been seriously mia for the last year. and the reason was, i was in tenth grade. my annual exams are finally over and it’s summer. not much of one, anyway. everyone’s in quarantine and it just sucks.

you’re probably thinking, quarantine’s not summer, ally! you’re gonna go back by april or may! to that i say, it is actually summer for me. over here, where i live. in india.

i’m sorry for lying to you. i feel even worse bc i noticed that none of you unfollowed me. that’s right, i still have my squad of over two hundred. you guys are crazy amazing.

the reason i got back is because the blogosphere got me over a tough year. and once i stopped, it just became harder and harder to be happy. i even suffered depression bc of the fact that tenth grade is pure crap.

i would love to talk to each one of you about how 2019 went, because i haven’t been the best friend and blogger last year. i hope i can make it up in 2020, which is turning out to be quite the year of the corona.

fun fact: you know how rapunzel was kinda like “quarantined” in the disney movie tangled? turns out, the name of the kingdom they lived was called corona.

also in the list of fun facts, today, the day i opened wordpress after a year, is my two year anniversary of wordpress. im proud of those of you who stuck at this and made even more amazing friends.

how did my 2019 go?

  • i fell in love w an amazing person (who doesn’t like me back 😦 , but we’re still great friends)
  • i wrote my first set of board exams
  • i got 600 followers on my actual instagram (i’ll give the account name to close friends, who ask for it <3)
  • i dated my best friend briefly, though he still hasn’t moved on, but i’m being a good friend for him :3
  • i got a new baby cousin; he’s the cutest 🙂

how was my 2020 so far?

  • well, you know, corona :/
  • im on better terms w my family and pray a whole lot more
  • my grandma was the first person to call me responsible when i washed all the dishes in her house #goals
  • im in quarantine, but none of my loved ones have gotten sick yet #blessed

i’ll be doing a two-year anniversary post and a post of all the new songs i heard during quarantine. hope you all can forgive me, but i still love you all ❤ i’m back, truly.

how’s your family and friends dealing w corona? what do you do during quarantine? what are the new songs you’ve heard and shows you’ve binged? comment ’em all 🙂



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32 thoughts on “i’m back, for good // truth

  1. Heyy! Nice to see your posts! Even I’d taken a break lol but I’ve started uploading just a couple of weeks back… I hope your family and friends are safe during this time. Nice to know about your 2019 and 2020 life and the rupenzel fact lolz.
    You can give my recent posts a read, I’ve mentioned about my Quarantine time and my experience in college and stuff like that.
    Stay safe and be positive! Everything is temporary, even bad times.. Keep writing❤️

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  2. Hey Allyson! I just started reading your blog and omg! Its awesome!! You go gurrlll!! I also lived in India before moving to Australia ( I started reading your blog cuz I thought we were kinda similar) . This has been kind of a rough year to me as well so stay positive:) You got this!

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  3. it’s so glad to have you back!! not kidding literally two weeks ago i was literally stalking your blog wondering if you were going to come back, we all missed you ((: and sorry to hear about your past year! and 2020 isn’t going the best either because of corona virus and so many other things but we can still do our best to stay positive and encouraging for others. it was so nice to hear from you ❤

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  4. It is so awesome to hear from you again allyson!!!
    It is great to have you back in the blogosphere!!!! highschool can be ROUGH sis!! i feel that!!!!
    quarantine is okay!!! just hanging with my siblings!! lol 🙂
    looking forward to more of your posts and thanks for the update!! It is awesome to hear you are praying more!!
    -kaelyn 😛

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  5. Okay so I haven’t seen too many of your posts in a long time but I’m glad you’re back for good! I would love to hear more about your 2019 and I’m so sorry it’s been a sucky one. 2020 doesn’t look too good as of now but I hope we all stay optimistic for what’s to come. Congrats on your baby cousin and it looks like you’ve matured so much with your grandma calling you responsible and praying more. Love the update!

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