i am very very confused. i checked my blog to distract myself from the impending earthquake that is finals and i had 208 followers, i.e, one more followers since my dramatic return. one 45-minute physics class later, i check my blog once more and guess what i see?


i was silently staring at the screen for a while, not sure whether to let the inner party animal inside be surface or worry that my blog was hacked. even now, i’m stunned.

after calming down for a while, i decided to publish an award post that was in my drafts since the blogosphere was created and now let me get to the part of the post where i say:


i am beyond thankful to you 266 newbies for letting me post a 400 follower post before i could post a 300 follower one. i cannot believe my eyes; y’all are the greatest people ever. for this momentous occasion, i gift you all TWO waffles!

site stats:

total posts: 60

most liked post: 100 followers + 3rd monthversary

most viewed page: about me, allyson

total comments: 575

i’m entirely thankful and slightly flabbergasted. thank you for joining me on my journey.

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