I used to consider myself a pretty decent person. I wasn’t quick to anger, never got jealous and tried to be nice to people whenever I remembered that they were going through things unknown to us. I am not this person anymore.

I was going to write about the troubles of my life (lol) but I remembered that my last post was very low and depressing, and as much as we say, “If you feel sad, talk to me” it becomes a major downer. So I decided to write about gratitude.

I’m really bad at expressing my emotions. This is ironic because whenever I play sports, I’m always the only one laughing at stupid things, screaming encouragements to my teammates, and fighting for that point that we earned. So you wouldn’t think that I’d have a hard time telling how I feel. An emotion I rarely express is gratitude.

For the last two years, I have been stuck at home with my family (last year before I go to college ~bittersweet~) so we have been seeing a little too much of each other for quite some time. They haven’t been able to do major things for me lately (and vice versa) but when they do, I am very half-hearted in showing my thanks. I don’t do much for them, which is really bad, because I’m almost an adult and here they are, spoon-feeding me as if I were 5, only less love from their side and less cuteness from mine.

All they ask for sometimes is good grades. And funnily enough, that is the one thing I cannot do (not that I’m multitalented lol but…) I’ve seen that in summer, or the days right after school exams, my parents are insanely loving. They don’t nag me to study and they hug me so much and it’s such a euphoric feeling that all I can think of is this is going to stop anytime now.

There are so many people besides my parents who I should be grateful to. God, first and foremost, for guiding me through life every second of everyday, giving me my small joys and keeping me safe. The people who cook food and clean my house who I have so much love and respect for. The family I am related to and the family I am going to make and be a part of. My wonderful friends, without whom, the 14 years of my school life would have been the plot of the unpopular, boring kid in all the cliché teen movies. The blogger community who took me in and made me find a *cue the skies of Agrabah* A WHOLE NEW WORRRRRRRRRRLDDDDDDDDD.

For everything everyone has done,

Thank you (resisting the urge to say next)

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