senior year so far

She walked into the room slowly, doubtless that all eyes were on her. Her scuffed-up Converse which was her most prized item of clothing did nothing to stop her ankles from shaking. Her eyes were hesitant to glance up at the people who once unknowingly delayed her depression. But look up she did. Four hundred and eighty seven people looked at her, facial expressions unknown behind the masks they wore. She turned to leave, but was stopped by the sound of something she never expected, a sound so beautiful she felt she didn’t deserve it, which if we’re being honest, she didn’t. She turned, teary-eyed, to the sound of applause followed by the biggest group hug.

THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL WHENEVER I COME BACK TO THIS BLOG! You guys are so amazing, very supportive and some of the most loving people I have ever met. I’m not gonna keep false promises saying that I’ll be more regular. I’m in my senior year and my finals are fast approaching. While so many people I know are worrying about choosing a college, I worry about passing. Both are very valid concerns and to those of you who are worrying about anything at all, I pray it gets better soon. You are talented and so wonderful, more than you could ever know and you got this.

How has senior year been for little big Ally so far? I have been overwhelmed and underwhelmed so much, it’s crazy. My grades aren’t great. I don’t know how to study. I’m the person who ditches small meaningful work for the big fun. So even though college is looking pretty difficult for me, I went for my farewell and my graduation is soon. Farewell was amazing, I’m starting to understand that school is almost over.

My relationship with my parents is slowly cooling. You know when lava is hot as heck at first but after a while it forms a shape that after cooling, it can’t change but it can be broken? That’s how my relationship with my mother & father is. We’ve had the same fights for the last two years and the last two weeks, so we’re just all a little exhausted, with both sides believing they’re truly right. After a point, I have no interest in rebuilding the relationship and I doubt it will change cause my parents raised an opinionated rebel :3

(Relationships with family aren’t always good. Something that is normalized is love for parents. Sometimes they aren’t the greatest people or not the greatest for mental health. Normalize stepping back to see your family as actual people. Would you like them if you weren’t related?)

I’ve been on a fitness journey for the last two years. I started working out in 2020 and last year, my friend sent me her workout plan which coincided with the time I started tracking my calories. Her workout has been very effective for me. I’ve been wanting to get a flat stomach for the last two years and thanks to her, I’m getting close. Remember that every picture of your physical goal took lots of work. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey and everyday you take that step towards your health is a step towards your ideal body/weight/physique. You got this.

Now on that note, I have to begin my workout (workout post soon?) and go play soccer lol. Love you guys, have a great day.

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